Julia Kent’s “Frost and Furrow” is a hymn for the winter

Julia Kent "Frost and Furrow"

 With winter in full effect I’ve caught myself looking for music that encapsulates the cold and mystic that I associate with this time of the year. “Frost and Furrow”, the newest track by Canadian cellist and composer Julia Kent comes up to my expectations in this regard. In three and half minutes Kent’s nimble play of tension takes you on a quick trek that will bring you to that place of stillness that characterises the coldest winter days.

As the title suggests, Asperities is a record born of conflict: internal, personal and global. Universal themes. The build of pressure and the threat of violent release.
Utilising looped cello, electronics and found sounds, Kent creates a world where the technological and the organic merge in perfect symbiosis, the layers of sound peeling back to reveal a beating, bloody human heart at its centre.

Earlier this year Kent released Asperities, her fourth studio album (via The Leaf Label). While I haven’t gotten around to listening to the full thing, I already count her as one of my favorite discoveries of this year. “Frost And Furrow” appears on The Line Of The Best Fit’ Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada VII compilation